About Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee. Dr. Miller has coached High School sports as well as taught Health. Dr. Miller also has earned his Master of Science in Nutrition. Dr. Miller had opened the largest Health and Fitness Center for its time in West Tennessee. He owned and operated several locations. He was unhappy with the general health of the people as well as the products on the shelf.

Dr. Miller also has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Miller opened his Health and Wellness Clinics. Dr. Miller has operated his Health and Wellness Clinics for over 30 years. Dr. Miller currently owns and operates two Health and Wellness Clinics in Jackson, Tennessee. 

Dr. Miller has developed and formulated his Youthin line of products such as: Holy Tea, Super Holy Tea, Youthin Weight Loss Program, Ultimate Tea, Miracle Tea, Youthin Fat Burners, Be Free-Spring Clean Herbal Detoxifier, Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10, Cholesterol Fighter, Dopamine, Yeast Fighter/Virus Fighter, Female Health, Joint Relief, Holy Water Mix, Healthy Eye, Ear Formula, Memory Enhancer, Gout Relief, Prostate Health, Multi-Vite, Stress B-Complex, Super B-12 with Folic Acid, and Kidney and Bladder Health. Dr. Miller is consistently working to develop new products.

Not all of the products listed above are currently available for sale. The only products available for purchase are the ones listed on Dr. Miller’s store page.

  • Dr. Miller has worked with thousands of clients in his two clinics and has seen amazing results of his herbal formulations and his caring professional advice.
  • Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is his most popular and largest selling product in his clinic. 
  • Dr. Miller is committed to improving people’s health worldwide with 100% all natural products.